Within the country profile you can explore global and national indicators and near real-time information on the status and pressures in and around protected areas. You can also select specific metrics and create your report to be exported as a pdf document.
Terrestrial protection
Marine protection
Terrestrial connectivity
is covered by protected areas, are national, are international, and are regional.
Document Document Type Publication year
URL: IUCN PAPACO Website with RAPPAM, METT and EoH Assessments in Africa Site-level assessment, National assessment, Regional assessment, Technical report, Other 2020
Document: Plan d’aménagement et de gestion simplifié (2017-2021), ACCB Bouche du Roy, Bénin Management Plan 2017
Document: Stratégie et Plan d’Action pour la Biodiversité 2011-2020 NBSAP 2014
Document: W-Arly-Pendjari Complex, Benin, Burkina Faso & Niger: IUCN World Heritage Conservation Outlook Assessment 2020 Site-level assessment 2020
Document: West African Ramsar Sites: RAPPAM Assessment 2009 Site-level assessment, Regional assessment, Technical report 2009


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